Tofu Production

Provide durable whole process line and reliable packaging materials to produce higher quality tofu

We have long experience with tofu industries to support improving the quality and productivity.


Produce high quality soymilk and various type of tofu.


The pack sealing machines

Durable tub top seal machines with various length for various size of the tofu tub.
optional equip with the date code machine, synchronized conveyor and auto tub despensor


SEC steamer is used major tofu factories in Japan and Overseas.

Tofu tub for Jyuten(silken) tofu and water pack tofu

Various size of tubs with P.P. or P.S.
Easy Peelable tub which can perform easy tofu demoulding is available.
Please contact us if you have trouble that tofu stick with the tub (silken tofu).
Our easy peelable tub can solve sticking problem

Lidding films for the tofu tub and tofu tube bag.

Tofu Tubes (SAKURA)
Traditional tube formed Jyuten tofu (silken and egg tofu)
Hygiene, easy to handle, low cost.


Coagulator : G.D.L (Gulcono-delta lacton)、 Nigariko (Calcium sulphate), Nigari (MgCl)
Defoamer agent : (Calcium carbonate, Glycerol fatty acid ester)
Expandable agent for Age : Yakko Yogen